New Education Policy of India | NEP 2020 Highlights

New Education Policy of India : Government of India has Formed New Education Policy 2020 Which is Called National Education Policy (NEP) to improve India’s Education System. The First Changes in Education Policy Was Made in 1968, the Second Changes was made in 1986 and The New National Education Policy (नयी शिक्षा नीति) has been reformed in 2020. The New Education Policy will be applied on Both School Level. Education and Higher Education OR University Education.


Main Highlights of New Education Policy of India

The main highlights of This Education system are followings.

  • Ministry of Human Resource and Development has been Changes to Ministry of Education.
  • 10+2 Education System has been Replaced with 5+3+3+4 Education System.
  • Now age of Child for Entry in School is 3 Years.
  • There will be No Examination in Class 1 & Class 2.
  • From Class 6, Students will be given Knowledge of Computer Coding and will be offered Vocational Course.
  • From Class 9 to 12th, there will be Semester Wise Exam. There will be 8 Semester in Four Years.
  • There will be 4 Years Graduation Programme with Re-Entry and Exit System.
  • Common Aptitude Test will also be conducted for Admission in Colleges.


What Is New Education Policy 2020?

A lot of Changes have been made in New Educational Policy 2020. According to This Policy, The Name of MHRD has been Changes to Ministry of Education. 10+2 Programme has been Changes to 5+3+3+4, Stream like Science, Arts and Commerce has been removed from Graduation and Post Graduation Programme and has been included Multiple Entry or Exit.


What is 10+2 System?

10+2 Education System means studying From Class 1 to Class 10th and thereafter from Class 11th to Class 12th. Under this System, There two Exams are conducted (Secondary (10th) & Senior Secondary (12th) Board Exam. After 12th Student Can take admission in any Colleges and University. Under 10+2 System, the minimum age of child for admission in Class 1 is 6 years


What is 5+3+3+4 Programme?

5+3+3+4 Stands for (5 Years) + (3 Years) + (3 Years) + (4 Years) Duration of School Education Programme. The Old 10+2 Education System has been replaced with this. Now Student will Study upto 15 Years in the School in place of 12 Years. Under this System, Minimum age of Child for Admission in School is 3 Years.


5 Years (Foundation Stage) (Play + Class 1 & 2) : In this Stage, entry of child in the School will be at the age of 3 Years. This 5 Years Foundation Stage has been prepared by NCERT and has been divided in Two Part, 3 Years Duration (Pre-Primary) and 2 Years Duration (Class 1 and Class 2).

  • 3 Years Duration (Pre-Primary) : During these 3 Years, the child will go to School but only for Playing and Different Activities.
  • 2 Years Duration (Class 1 & Class 2): In this stage, Child will be promoted in Class 1 and thereafter in Class 2. There will be no examination during these 2 Years of Education. Study will be only in Local Language or National Language. English will not be mandatory in this stage.


3 Years (Preparatory Stage) (Class 3 to 5): During this stage, study of students will be started. They will be introduced with Science, Mathematics, Arts, and Social Science Subjects. They will be prepared for Future. In this stage, exam of students will be started.


3 Years (Middle Stage) (Class 6 to 8) : In this Stage, Study of Students will be as Per Syllabus. This Stage includes Computer Coding, Vocational Courses, Internship and Practical Knowledge along with studying multiple Subjects Math, Science and Arts. Here, students can also choose an Indian Language.


4 Years (Secondary Stage) (Class 9 to 12) : Here, Students will be Given Deep knowledge of Subjects, Analytical Ability of Students will be improved. Students Can Learn any Foreign Language. Semester Wise Exam will be taken at This Stage. There will be 8 Semester, each semester will be of 6 Months. Final Mark Sheet will be prepared by Adding All Semester’s Mark. Along with Marks obtained in Subjects, Marks will also be given for Behavior, Extra Curriculum Activities, Performance and Mental Ability. In addition, Marks will be Given By Teachers, By Classmate and By Students themselves. There will be No Stream System like Science, Arts and Commerce. Students Can Choose Any Subject for Study. For Example, they can study History, Biology, Economics and Math Together. More Details In this Context will be made Available Soon by the Government.


New Education Policy for Higher Education

4 Years Graduation (Multi Entry and Exit System)

According to New Education Policy of India, Graduation Programme will be of 4 Years with Multi Entry and Exit Scheme. There will be Four Type of Graduation under This Education System.

  • First Years (Graduation Certificate)
  • Second Years (Graduation Diploma)
  • Third Years (Graduation Degree)
  • Forth Years (Graduation Degree with Research)

If any Students Complete 1 Year of Graduation Study, they will be Provided Graduation Certificate, if they complete 2 Years of Study, They will be Given Graduation Diploma, after completion of 3 years, Graduation Degree Will be Provided and For Completion of 4 Years of Study, They will be Given Graduate Degree with Research. This Stage has Multi Entry and Exit System. For example, If Students get Graduation Certificate after completion of First Year of education and want to quit study for any reason they can leave it, but after a few years, they want to study again, they can take Re-entry in Second Year of graduation programme. Earlier, it was not possible.


Common Aptitude Test (CAT)
National Education Policy (NEP) for Higher Education includes Common Aptitude Test (CAT). If Students want to take Admission in the colleges of their Choice but Marks obtained in 12th Class are not as much as required for admission. In this condition, Student can go for Aptitude Test. Marks of 12th and Aptitude Test will be added together for preparing Cut-Off for admission in the Colleges of their choice.


Post Graduation (1 Year or 2 Years)
Post Graduation (PG) Degree will be of 1 Year for Those Candidates who Complete Four Years of Graduation, and it will be 2 Years for Who Complete 3 Years of Graduate Education. M.Phil Degree has been removed. Ph.D Degree will remain same


Advantages of National Education Policy (NEP)

  • There will be no examination in Foundation Course. So, that child can come school without any fear of giving exam.
  • Now Students can Study only in Regional Language upto 5 Class. Study in English will not be Mandatory.
  • Computer Coding, Vocational Course, Internship will be available for students from Class 6.
  • In the Graduation Course, there will be Multiple Entry and Exit Scheme.
  • There will be No Stream System in New Education Policy of India. Now Student Can Study Multiple Subjects like Physics, Accounts, History and Math together.
  • An Academic Bank of Credit will be established through DG Locker for Storing Students Mark.

More Information in this Regard is available at MHRD Website.

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